16 Examples Of How To Promote Your App On Your Homepage

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Increase your App downloads by ensuring you promote it on the homepage of your website. You can do this with a simple banner that links to your App’s download page. We’ve curated 16 examples of how other brands are using their homepage to effectively promote their App.

1. Subway Subcard App

Subway App Promotion

Subway use an image of their Subcard App half way down their homepage to suggest they can use their smartphone to collect loyalty points. As Subway customers are offered a loyalty card when they buy a sandwich (or salad if they’re being good) at the store, when they visit the site to register their points, they are cleverly introduced to the App. This not only saves the customer from having to carry the card around with them to collect points, but it’s also an easy way for them to keep track of their points too.

2. Deliveroo Food Ordering App

Deliveroo App Promotion

Deliveroo are much more subtle when it comes to promoting their App on their website when viewed on a desktop, as they only display the App Store download icons on their footer. Try visiting their page from a mobile device however and you’ll be prompted to download their App with a pop out banner.

3. Hilton Hotel Booking App

Hilton App Promotion

Hilton hotel use a simple banner to promote the easy booking feature on their hotel booking app and sell the benefit first with a simple call to action to ‘GET THE APP’.

4. PayPal App

PayPal App Promotion

PayPal include information about their App in their menu section, and redirect you to an entire page where you can learn more about the benefits and features of their App. By educating their customers on what the App can do users are not only more likely to download, but to use it effectively.

5. The Trainline App

Trainline App Promotion

I use the Trainline App all the time to book train tickets. It’s so much easier to use and you can even download mobile tickets so you can avoid having to collect them from the station. The Trainline also use device detection to determine how they promote their App. If you visit their site from a desktop you’re made aware of their App from their simple ‘Get the app’ call to action, but visit from a mobile device and you’ll be prompted with a pop up telling you that you’ll have a much better experience if you download their App instead.

6. HSBC Banking App

HSBC App Promotion

Banking Apps are fast becoming the preferred way for customers to interact with their bank. HSBC Bank have dedicated an entire slider page to promoting their App for an easy way for customers to check their balance. By making their App a focus on their homepage, HSBC are able to promote their App to new and existing customers and encourage downloads.

7. Ryan Air Flight Booking App

Ryan Air App Promotion

Ryan Air don’t push their App on you if you’re visiting their site from a desktop and only hint at their App in the footer section with these simple App Store download icons. Visit their site from a smartphone however and you’ll be prompted to download their App with a slide out banner linking directly to the App Store.

8. Starbucks Loyalty App

Starbucks App Promotion

Pay with your phone. And do so much more. A simple banner near the footer of the Starbucks website promotes their App’s payment feature along with two screenshots of their App displaying their other most attractive feature; mobile loyalty. Visit the site from a smartphone and you’ll be prompted again to download their App.

9. TopShop Retail App

Top Shop App Promotion

TopShop’s App makes it easy for customers to shop on the go. A simple silhouette of two smartphones and a tablet lets their customers know that they offer a mobile app, enabling shoppers to browse and buy ‘on the go’.

10. Cheerz Photo Printing App

Cheerz App Promotion


Cheerz want you to download their App so much they promote it TWICE on their homepage. The first instance is a full width banner with clear download buttons for both Android and Apple along with a really nice screenshot of their App in a device. They also include a cheeky reminder near their footer incase you forgot  with another screenshot of their App.

Cheerz App Promotion

11. Boohoo Retail App

Boohoo App Promotion

Boohoo offer exclusive App offers and discounts for their App Users as an incentive to download. Promoted high up their homepage to ensure their customers are aware of the benefits.

12. Fotor Image Editor App

Fotor App Promotion

A minimalist approach to App promotion from Fotor, a image editor solution. They include two full size screenshot of their App along with clear download buttons and reviews to encourage users to download.

13. Buffer Social Media Scheduler App

Buffer App Promotion

Buffer (a social media scheduling tool) offers ease and flexibility to their service by letting their customers use their service from their smartphone. This simple banner includes images of the App as well as links on where they can get Buffer for their Android or iOS device.

14. Chiquito Restaurant App

Chiquito App Promotion

Chiquito restaurant really make a song and dance about their App when you land on their page and for good reason! They’ve created a pop up banner that tells you about their new app and incentive their downloads with £10 off your food bill when you sign up. Just in case you close the banner my accident they’ve also added the promotional banner to their sliding banner.

Chiquito App Promotion

14. Frankie and Bennys Restaurant App

Franky and Benny App Promotion

If you’re going to create a pop up banner then make sure you’re providing value to your customers. This is exactly what Frankie and Benny’s restaurant are doing with their incentivised App download banner. The offer is repeated again on the homepage within a sliding banner.

Franky and Benny's App Promotion

15. Sound Cloud Audio Streaming App

Sound Cloud App Promotion

Spotify promote their App by allowing users to easily stream and access their playlists right from their smartphones with this simple banner.

16. Burger King Restaurant App

Burger King App Promotion

Yet another great example of restaurant app promotion, Burger King get straight to the point with this curious banner by offering ‘coupons on demand’ showing sometimes App Promotion is simply about getting the message across.


Promoting Your Own App

When it comes to getting downloads, the focus should be on making sure your customers are aware that you have one available and understand the benefit they’ll get out of downloading it. Whether it’s easier access to your service, a discount or access to exclusive content, make sure you promote it on the homepage of your website so it can be easily seen!

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