DoorDash Commission Fees: How Much Does DoorDash Charge Restaurants?

How Much Does DoorDash Charge Restaurants?

The numbers – broken down.

DoorDash don’t disclose their commission rates openly, but reportedly they can vary from between 10-25%. Depending on your business and the agreement you sign.

According to one source, the typical rate of commission taken from restaurants by DoorDash is around 20%.


What DoorDash alternatives are there?

Using AppInstitute, you can build your own takeout app for both Apple and Google Play stores without having to learn any code.

Having your own app is a great DoorDash alternative – with a few benefits you won’t get from a third party service.

Just a few features you’re missing out on…


Manage Your Menu

Manage your menu easily with our drag-and-drop editor and add or remove items as your menu changes. Allow customers to add any extras, toppings or modifications and save favourite orders for quick checkout in the future.


Boost Sales with a Mobile Loyalty Program

Turn one-time customers into repeat business with our suite of mobile marketing functionalities. Whilst aggregator sites like DoorDash encourage one-off business, your own app will keep loyal customers coming back for more.


Match Your Restaurant’s Branding

Use our simple branding wizard and pull in your restaurants branding and business information using only your Facebook and Website URLs. Appear more professional and established to customers and build up trust.


Use Push Notifications to Directly Reach Customers

Take advantage of the direct to customer marketing channel that is push notifications, letting customers know when you’ve got any offers, deals or new items on your menu. Utilise geofencing to specifically target people in certain areas and segment your audience to deliver more targeted messages.

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