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Save time when we pull business info, images, and colour schemes from your Facebook page and website.

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Customise your app with everything your listeners will need — all without writing a single line of code.

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Built-in features for Radio Stations


Simple Streaming

Simplify the way your listeners tune into your station with your own mobile app. Using our simple drag-and-drop platform, you can easily add your radio stream to an app for iOS and Android, and send push notifications to your listeners to remind them to tune in.


Unlimited Content

With unlimited content pages for your new radio station app, you’ll be able to provide all the information your listeners need about your schedule, DJs and presenters. Include links to your blog, website and social media to engage with listeners like never before.


Easy Audience Engagement

Allow for easy listener interaction with in-app forms – an easy way for your station’s fans to request their favourite song or interact with presenters and DJs. Create as many forms as you need for all of your listener engagement needs.

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Start Building Build it for me (FREE)*

*Free Setup, Subscription Required