Communicate smarter with push notifications

Drive messages directly to your customers to increase sales, promote offers and communicate effectively.

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The simplest way to send targeted messages directly to your customers

Scheduled Messages

Schedule push notifications around business activities for maximum impact.

Location-based Targeting

Harness the power of geo-targeting to serve real-time push notifications based on user location.

Customer Groups

Segment your audience to deliver a tailored message using a tagging system.

Immediate & effective messaging

Push notifications have a 97% read rate compared to 4% with email and is the most effective way to reach your customers. Not to mention, they also increase daily app opens by 540%!


Streamlined messaging wizard

Send and schedule your push notifications with just a few clicks using our streamlined messaging wizard.


Location-based targeting

Localise your push notification campaigns and target app users when they leave or enter a defined area. Perfect for local businesses wanting to attract nearby customers and drive sales.


Drive customers inside your app with deep linking

Perfect for announcing new offers, upcoming events and driving users straight to the content that matters.


Define and target your audience

Improve your campaign success by tailoring your messages to a defined audience.


Schedule campaigns in advance

Save time and easily schedule your messages in advance so you can get on with running your business.


Measure your reach

Gain insights into your push notification campaigns by effectively monitoring your estimated audience size.

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