Integrate your Soundcloud with your app

Integrate SoundCloud’s powerful audio player into your app and stream audio directly from your app for more control.

✓ Let your fans listen to new songs and projects

✓ Use podcasts for your marketing

✓ Keep users engaged in your app

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Make an App with Your Soundcloud in Minutes

Band App Template

1. Choose Your Template

Pick from a range of templates to find the best fit for your needs or start fresh with ‘General’.

Band App Branding

2. Brand your app

Use the AppInstitute branding wizard to pull in colours and business information with your Facebook/Website URLs.

Band App Customisation

3. Add the Soundcloud Tab to Your App

Connect your Soundcloud account to allow app users to listen to your music or podcasts within your app.

Publish Your Band App

4. Launch your new app

Use our simplified publish wizard to easily publish your new app on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Create My Soundcloud App Now

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