How To Become A Guest Contributor

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the AppInstitute blog!

We welcome high quality content tailored towards our audience of small business owners, marketing teams and mobile marketing enthusiasts.

Due to the high volume of requests we get on a daily basis, we’ve put together this small set of guidelines for potential contributors to follow.

Who can write for AppInstitute?

We accept guest posts from non-competitors, those who are experts in their niche, and people who are native or fluent english speakers. Please don’t send a guest post to us if you’re not all 3 of those.

What type of content do you accept?

Your post must be unique, not published anywhere else, and a minimum of 1500 words. In depth posts are welcomed, so there’s no upper limit (within reason!)

In addition, your post should target a specific keyword that we have not covered on our website. Please take a good look at what is currently on the blog and make sure you’re not covering something we’ve covered extensively. Unless you think you can improve on it!

If you’re purely writing for us to build links, don’t bother submitting a post. We won’t accept over-optimised anchor text or uber-promotional links.

With that being said, feel free to link to your own site, as long as it adds to the content.

We won’t link to sites with shady ethical practices, like essay writing services, gambling etc.

It should go without saying, your content should not be self promotional.

Images with the source linked below are required, don’t send us a wall of text! We will handle the header image.

Content should be in a friendly, conversational style and packed with examples, statistics and insights.

Where do I send my submission?

Once you’ve read these guidelines thoroughly, send the following to miko [at]

  • 3 examples of your previous work
  • 3 potential titles, with a brief description and your target keyword

Use the subject line ‘appinstitute article ideas’ so that we can sort the real submissions from the spam 🙂

We’ll try to reply to all your messages, but if you haven’t had a response in over a week, chances are we’ve not accepted.

Once your ideas has been accepted – send in Google Docs or Word format with formatting (header tags etc) and the images in a seperate folder.

Thanks, and happy guest posting!