Integrate your Tumblr blog with your app

Add your Tumblr feed to your app for a simple way to keep your community connected to your online blog.

✓ Engage with your followers

✓ Keep users within your app

✓ Promote your blog

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Make an App using your Tumblr blog in minutes

Band App Template

1. Pick a Template

Select the template that best fits what you want from your mobile app.

Band App Branding

2. Brand it up

Using your Facebook and Website URLs we’ll pull in colour schemes, business info and branding.

Band App Customisation

3. Add the Tumblr Tab to Your App

Add the Tumblr tab to allow users to view your blog within your mobile app.

Publish Your Band App

4. Publish Your New App

Follow our publish wizard to launch your new Tumblr integrated app onto the iOS and Android stores.

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