I do not feel safe browsing without a VPN

If we heard the abbreviation “VPN” ten years ago, we would not have been able to tell what it meant. And today it is hard to imagine using the Internet without it. As some IT specialists say, surfing the Internet without using VPN services is like going out for a walk completely naked. This is unsafe and quite dangerous because you never know how it could end up.

What does “VPN” stand for?

“VPN” is an abbreviation of “Virtual Private Network”. It is a tool which provides privacy when surfing the Internet. In other words, it hides all your information that can be seen by other Internet users, including your personal information, data about the files you have sent or received, etc.

How does a VPN work?

Let’s compare your connection to the Internet as going down the road by car. Many people can see you driving on the road. You may even encounter some of them directly. For example, you might be stopped and robbed. However, if there was a tunnel built especially for you on the same road, you would not be able to be seen or harmed by anyone.

Thus, VPN performs the function of such a tunnel between your network and does not allow other users to see any information related to you (unless you choose to disclose it yourself), and therefore does not have the opportunity to appropriate that information and use it for unauthorized purposes.

What is more, it hides your IP and changes to another, making others think that you are far away from the place where you are right now. It is up to you to choose which country’s VPN server you will use at the time. If you want to know more about things related to VPN, take a look – these guys talk a lot about vpn!

Why should everyone use a VPN?

Actually, there are several main reasons:

· VPN encrypts your IP address. That means you can surf the net incognito. Your personal information cannot be seen by any third-parties. It can be neither accessed by your Internet provider, nor by the government.

· It encrypts your logs. So, such information as your internet or search history, cookies or logins, passwords, debit and credit cards’ information is completely invisible to others.

· VPN allows access to region-restricted content. For example, if you couldn’t play the game you like because it can be accessed only by residents of Canada, or you couldn’t access all the Netflix content you want – using the best VPN allows you to avoid these bans.

· It allows you to buy some things much cheaper. Using one of the top VPN providers is beneficial when buying plane tickets online. You will be surprised how their prices change just in a few clicks as you choose another location.

A VPN is not an antivirus software

However, VPN service is not magical and cannot save you from all the dangers online. A VPN is not a replacement for antivirus software as well. Thus, when using a VPN, you are still at risk that viruses, malware, bots, trojans or spyware might get onto your system and make changes. Therefore, while a VPN can protect your personal data, tools to protect the system of your device and avoid the risks are also necessary.

Does a VPN keep you anonymous?

To be honest, there is no Virtual Private Network service provider which could make you completely anonymous. Why? Because the service provider can see your IP address. However, this information is invisible for the third-parties. Therefore, your IP address could only be revealed if your VPN service provider’s system was hacked. And it is hard to imagine that it could ever happen since security is the main priority of VPN service providers.

Can you stay incognito without using VPN service?

There are a few ways that might let you remain anonymous on the Internet. For example, you should use encrypted storage, an encrypted browser and messaging app. You should also read all privacy policies of apps and websites you use, check all apps permissions, because they are always asking you to get information about your location. What is more, you should stay off social media, forget using voice assistants and install ad blockers. If you want to remain truly anonymous, you will have to use a password manager, to disable cookies and JavaScript, etc.

Yet it will take much time and there will always be a chance that you missed something. Therefore, a much simpler way is to choose a reliable VPN service provider and enjoy the benefits of its services. It will let you be sure that your personal information is not accessible for third-parties and in case you run into problems, you will be able to ask VPN service provider support for help.

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