4 Productivity Tips For App Design Agencies

As its name suggests, app design agencies specialize in the design and develop mobile phone apps. Smartphones are increasingly becoming accessible among the general population nowadays, so app design agencies are under much pressure to do more.

While a good and reputable agency will have no problem keeping up with both the demand and competition, that doesn’t mean they won’t encounter productivity stumbling blocks. It’s normal to have some days where the design agency feels their movement is slow, they’re inefficient, and their propensity to earn is hindered by being unproductive in the process of building apps.

If that situation is one you’ve been facing, you have made it to the right place for some help. In this article, you’ll come across some of the best tips to enhance the productivity of an app design agency.

  1. Teach Your Team To Plan Their Day
  2. Every department and team member of your app design agency can play a significant role in becoming a more productive team by starting with a daily plan. The key to doing this is to plan for the next day at the end of every working day.

    This plan can be as simple as preparing a to-do list for the next day. It’s a very simple, classic (but effective) way to keep things in order. A to-do list can help ensure no tasks are left undone. If there are shared team goals to accomplish, these can be listed on files kept in a central repository for any team member to access. That way, they can retrieve the files as needed and not halt their focus and efficiency for the working day ahead. You can also hang VistaCreate infographics with clear work results on office walls.

    Moreover, there’s that psychological effect of feeling accomplished after ticking one item off the to-do list at a time. It motivates you to keep going, so you can keep ticking more work-related tasks.

  3. Learn To Say ‘No’
  4. Let’s face it; it’s a reality that many agencies and other businesses, for that matter, find it extra challenging nowadays to say no. There’s that constant desire to please people all the time, so a yes is almost given by your team.

    Ideally, there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘yes’ all the time for as long as you know for certain that you have everything under control. Your app design agency still has the time to take on that new chore or challenge.

    However, this ‘yes’ becomes a problem when your team gives it out frequently, even when you’re already jampacked to the brim with clients. Multitasking won’t help, for that matter. And, saying yes all the time may compromise your output quality when the pressure to meet all the deadlines set by all the clients you’re handling settles in.

  5. Encourage Your Team To Learn How To Delegate Task
  6. Another productivity eater is when a team member does a certain task, the deadline is near, and they’re still trying to figure out how to do it. Or, perhaps there’s a team member absent for the day and, because they couldn’t delegate their task, there’s a bottleneck in your app production or design team.

    To avoid this, you must encourage your team to learn the art of delegation. There’s no shame in acknowledging that a specific task that may be too hard to do, whereby the team member concerned knows there’s someone else in the same department who can help them with that problem.

    Moreover, before taking any scheduled leaves, it should be a part of your agency’s policy that any unfinished work that the team member concerned still has to do should be delegated to someone else from the team. This kind of practice ensures that productivity in your agency is never hampered by the absence of one.

  7. Focus On Doing One Task At A Time
  8. The opposite may be true if you think multitasking is good for your team. One reason your app design agency’s members may have difficulty completing tasks is that they’re all over the place. This is what happens when you multitask. So, instead of focusing on completing one task at a time, you’re jumping from one task to another, sacrificing quality and speed of completion along the way.

    That said, make it your agency’s practice to focus only on one task. Move to other items on your to-do list only when you’ve completed another separate task.

As a bonus tip, remember to practice ‘eating the frog.’ This means tackling all the difficult tasks first. This tip should be applied in relation to the one discussed earlier on planning out for the day. Put the most challenging tasks high up on your to-do list so you remember to work on those first. Start your day with a big win, so you can be inspired to complete the smaller ones later in the afternoon.

Final Thoughts

Staying productive is challenging for everyone. No one is ever exempt from this, not even the most seasoned agencies and app developers. Certainly, there are just some days at work when the team feels sluggish or that there isn’t any inspiration kicking in. Perhaps there are too many technical difficulties to face, and it’s also confusing where to begin.

It’s time to remedy those situations to avoid them escalating into even bigger concerns in the future. The tips above can guide you to become a more productive team.

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