15 Amazing Parking Management Software Solutions for 2022

Companies use parking management software for optimizing parking spaces and managing overloads. Nevertheless, it’s used for the best of both sides to promote safety for cars and people.

The software helps companies control their full access to parking locations, process payments, and manage multiple types of fees they have to undergo. Furthermore, parking management needs to integrate with software for entry and exit stations, including payment and POS stations.

Let’s not waste any more time because, in this article, we will identify the top x parking management software solutions you can use this year.

15 Parking management software solutions in 2022


Are you concerned about eliminating parking complications? Mainly whenever you need to generate parking revenue and reduce your carbon footprint. Well, Wayleader is one of the largest companies in the world and is good at driving results for some of the biggest companies worldwide.

In short, if you are concerned about parking lot problems and solutions, Wayleader is an excellent option to consider. Unfortunately, pricing options aren’t publicly available, so you should contact them directly on their site or schedule a free demo.


Parkable is one of the most popular platforms for managing employee and tenant parking. It’s trusted by large companies around the world, such as Neta, KPMG, and more. In short, it improves the parking experience, promotes a fair parking experience, and reduces the time you spend looking for a free park.

Above all, it seeks to generate extra revenue, promotes a fair work culture, and has a park sharing and occupancy tracking system. People use this app to pay for parking, sharing, or reserving. Admins typically use the web panel to manage parking across several locations easily.

Parkable’s starting price begins at $100 per month with unlimited members.


WPS is an excellent platform for managing CCTV, payments, parking management, and allowing you to integrate systems into a single integrated network. In addition, most reviews will mention that WPS is the best file management and is user-friendly.

Moreover, WPS has a dynamic pricing module that allows you to maximize your revenue by modifying your price rates in only a few seconds and by displaying them on graphic displays. This is excellent for subscribers or other parking customers that can attract users during their peak hours.


Passport’s powerful platform allows you to manage mobile pay, digital permitting, and more. In addition, you can centralize your parking data with integrated solutions to promote operational efficiency, increase revenue, and improve the overall parking experience.

The platform brings in some of the best-in-class digital products that include parking enforcement, digital permitting, and payments that help you make decisions based on real-time data.

Furthermore, you can use the products you need and rest whenever you are ready. The result is more integrated, efficient and promotes reliability in parking.


For $7 per month, Skedda is a leading online booking and scheduling platform worldwide. The platform offers plenty of customizable options and allows organizations to automate time-consuming booking tasks. Moreover, you can book space by using interactive floor plans and maps that are mirrored by your venue.

The platform promotes space management and can be used for spaces with desks, meeting rooms, studios, courts, sports courts, and more. In addition, Skeda’s platform features complex scheduling automation, floorplans, interactive maps, and more.


Initially offered only in the Brazilian language, Parkeer has made parking easier than ever by 10 years of development. Moreover, many options and parameters are available for partnerships, personalized billing, and monthly customers. In addition, the software contains no viruses or malware and gives you 24/7 WhatsApp support.

Pricing with Parkeer begins at 90,000 Brazilian Real, which can be paid on PayPal.


Silvertrac software is one of the industry’s most trusted security guard management software and improves guard accountability and reports. It’s simple to use, reliable, and feature-rich, which allows security organizations of all sizes to monitor their security teams quickly, respond to real-time issues, and provide support.

It’s available both on web-based and mobile apps. Nevertheless, the software includes tools such as real-time reporting, data management, guard performance metrics, schedule and automated reports, and more.

You can schedule a live demo with your software to learn more about pricing options.

Parking Boss

Parking Boss is the type of software that makes parking easy, fair, and free from chaos. It’s one of the best platforms for managing apartment and home parking. It’s a combination of materials and software by Luminous Creative. Moreover, it allows you to supervise residents and incoming guests, enforcing parking regulations.

Above all, Parking Boss features a virtual attendant for self-service guest parking and a field agency that allows fast and effective parking.

Pricing begins at $99 per month, along with a free trial.

Premium parking

Premium parking was created in New Orleans, Louisiana, to build a bigger and better parking management company. As a result, Premium has grown in more than 250 locations and 30 markets worldwide with more than 500 associates. Additionally, Premium offers a ‘TextPay’ option, making it the industry’s fastest way to pay without installing mobile apps.

Parkers simply have to text the number at any location the platform operates.


AVUTEC is specialized in computer vision sensors and systems. AVUTEC has some of the most advanced high-tech AI camera systems for mobility and the security industry. In addition, it offers comprehensive ANPR technology products that integrate with third-party systems and cloud-based PMS systems.


SpotHero is a leading parking reservation service with more than seven million cars parked, some of the largest networks connected with parking facilities, and one of the most downloaded in the nation. It was launched more than ten years ago and supplied drivers with ease by offering them more than 5,000 garages, valets, and more across large cities in the USA.

Luxe Valet

Luxe Valet is an in-demand parking software with car services that believe commuting to car ownership experience doesn’t have to be an expensive or stressful feeling. Furthermore, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require much effort; all you need to do is download the app, which is available for iOS and Android. Additionally, keep in mind that there aren’t any verified integrations, and the app is free to use.


ParkWhiz is the number one place for finding and reserving guaranteed daily and monthly parking via the app. It helps you make the right parking decision by comparing locations, prices and providing helpful reviews.

ParkWhiz is known for creating software that helps parking owners manage their parking spaces by using the ParkWhiz app, data APIs, and more. With three million spots, roughly 2,000 licensed parking providers within the country, partnerships with StubHub, and more, ParkWhiz has managed to help a range of people safely and effectively park their cars in big cities like LA, New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, and more.

As for pricing options, it’s best to contact ParkWhiz directly on their site.

Parking Panda

Parking Panda is an industry-leading mobile app and optimization platform specifically designed for parking. The app allows users that need to park to compare, reserve, and search for guaranteed parking areas in more than 40 cities across the United States. Furthermore, you can gain access to a full suite of parking management tools that are developed for relieving common industry challenges such as on-site payments, ticket acquiring, and more.

As for integrations, there is no evidence of verified integrations, and the platform pricing isn’t publicly available.


Glympse is a location platform that allows hotels to create a shuttle tracker, which includes real-time locations, planned routes, and more, to promote a stop or pickup location. Glympse offers unique location-sharing capabilities that motivate guests to share their location within a hotel and consults with hospitality brands on how they can leverage location data for delivering outstanding experiences.

Similar to others, there are no verified integrations, and as for pricing plans, you have to contact Glympse on their website and try a free demo if required.

Wrapping it all up

That’s about it for this article. These are the 15 amazing parking management software you should consider using. No matter how crowded or complex your parking space is, the software can always help make it easier.

After all, especially if you are in a busy city and have continuous struggles along with your employees in trying to find free parking space, the right parking software will be more helpful than you think.

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