Best Tools For Automation Functional Testing In 2022

Companies and businesses developing their products perform tests before the product is released to the public. Automation testing involves testing software products using specially designed scripts and tools.

It is an essential part of the software development process and ensures the product meets the specifications and enhances the overall quality of the product.

Automation testing tools have made the testing process easier and more efficient. Automating manual tasks has reduced the time and effort spent in the process. Here are some of the best tools for automation functional testing in 2022:


Selenium is a popular open-source web automated testing solution and can be executed in multiple operating systems and browsers. Its popularity stems from its flexibility, which supports most modern programming languages.

It is free to use and is an excellent option for testers and developers with skills and experience in programming and scripting.

The Selenium web driver can be extremely helpful in developing automation test scripts. Its versatility makes it suitable in several environments. Selenium offers a smooth testing experience since it also supports W3C standardization.


Appium is an open-source tool that is intended mainly for mobile applications. However, it still supports hybrid and native mobile web app testing.

The tool supports several programming languages, such as Python and Java. It also supports cross-platform testing on iOS and Android and allows testers to utilize their preferred development tools.

Testers can use the tool on emulators, real devices, and simulators. It delivers increased stability and high performance when running automated functional tests and has become a popular option in recent years.

Appium utilizes vendor-provided automation and is built as a server. You can also use it with a testing framework to provide more features.


Katalon is a comprehensive test automation tool that you can use for testing web apps, desktop apps, API, and mobile apps. It is also supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.

It gives analysis results and test recording and is an excellent option due to its use of ease and versatility. There are free and premium plans available for users.

Testers can use the tool to generate and reuse IU test scripts without requiring extra coding. It is also relatively easier to install and set it up.

It provides an excellent alternative for testers who may find it challenging to utilize the framework and libraries in Selenium. However, testers with more experience with the Selenium and Appium engines will still find the tool helpful.


Cucumber is an open-source tool based on behavior-driven development (BDD). It provides an excellent option for individuals who may wish to write and execute a test case even with limited technical knowledge. It facilitates discussion and clarifies the requirements when writing a code.

It supports smooth automation with Selenium and API calls, or direct function calls too. It can therefore be used as a foundation for automated testing. Cucumber makes it easier for teams to collaborate on projects by integrating it with Jira. You can monitor the performance of the team members from the JSON and HTML reports.


LambdaTest is a cloud-based desktop and mobile application automation testing tool. It is famous for web apps and website testing and can support automated Selenium scripts.

You can carry out the manual or automated cross-browser testing on over two thousand real web browser environments.

It supports popular languages, such as Java, Python, and Java. It is an excellent option for expanding projects and teams where physical infrastructure may challenge test coverage. Lambda test automatically takes screenshots which are beneficial in visual testing.

There are several options available that will make it easier for automated functional testing. Focusing on future trends and changes is crucial when choosing the right tool for you. The tool should also meet all your current needs. The software testing tools industry is also evolving rapidly, with more tools expected to be released in the future.

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