How Many App Development Jobs Are There in the iGaming Industry?

Developers looking for exciting employment opportunities often overlook one fast-growing industry – iGaming. Interactive gaming or iGaming is the term used for the remote gambling sector. This field is typically associated with casino games and massive jackpots. It’s also often in the headlines due to scandals related to money laundering or gambling addiction.

iGaming, however, is also an excellent sector for developers. There are multimillion companies working in this industry that provide excellent pay and employer packages. Moreover, those familiar with the sector often claim that iGaming never sleeps. After all, part of its rapid growth comes from all the creative solutions, unique game mechanics, and thrilling innovations.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about the app development jobs available in the iGaming industry and how to get one.

Still Missing Specific Figures

There aren’t too many reports focused on the number of application development jobs one can get in this industry. Sure, we know that gambling creates about 370,000 jobs in Sin City and thousands more worldwide. However, there aren’t studies that can tell precisely how many opportunities there are in the remote gambling sector. With such information lacking, it’s even less likely to find data about specific roles, like app development jobs.

There is information on app developer positions and information about the gambling industry as a whole only. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, we went a step further and did a bit of our research. We’ll present some thoughts and data further down.

App Development and iGaming

According to BLS data analyzed by Zippia, app developers in the United States get an average hourly rate of $43.67 or nearly $91,000 a year. Between 2018 and 2028, this field is forecasted to increase by 21% and create about 284,100 employment opportunities in the country. At the time of this writing, there were over 31,500 jobs available on the market for application developers. Some of the roles included iOS mobile developer, Android mobile developer, and Power Apps developer.

Again, at this time, it’s impossible to say how many of these application development jobs are for the interactive gaming industry. But an educated guess would be to say that the field holds anything between 1,500 and 2,000 positions. This figure will surely grow in the years to come, considering how mobile gambling establishes itself as the norm.

To gather a bit more insight, we also tried searching for casino app developer jobs on the popular job search engine Indeed. There were 57 jobs available, but not all of them fit our initial search. We also gave Pentasia, a job search engine focused on the gambling market only, a try. There were seven active ads for Android developers and four for iOS developers.

Bottom Line

Currently, the most common iGaming development jobs include casino game developers, full-stack developers, frontend developers, and backend developers. So, a conclusion here is that the job market for iGaming app developers is expanding, but it’s not overflowing with opportunities right now.

Many casinos decide to launch native mobile applications, while game providers try to meet the needs of mobile gamblers. Together, they drive the growth of the casino app development job market. Hence, we expect to see the number of openings increase with each passing year.

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