Key elements to build a successful mobile app

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‌Mobile apps are one of the most popular ways to make money, as the barrier to entry is low, and if your app is successful, you can make millions. However, there’s a lot to consider when building a successful app, such as design, USP, and core features.

The characteristics should be user-centric

‌The most important thing you need to do when building your app is to think about who it is for and make it for them. Have a key demographic in mind when creating your app, as that allows you to tailor the app’s design and usability to fit that audience. For example, mobile casino games online wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t easy to use or streaming apps such as Netflix wouldn’t be as popular if it wasn’t easy to find the shows you wanted. When you know who you’re making the app for, it becomes much easier to build an app that people will want to use.

The design should have a polished feel

‌Another important aspect of the app is the finished design. It needs to look professional if you want any hope of achieving major success with your app, and a big part of that is a polished feel. If you make sure that all the images are high quality, all the buttons work as they should, and all the text is clear and readable, you’ll be surprised how much it increases the quality of your app. For example, the Fitbit app is a highly polished application, as all of the functions work as they should, their design perfectly fits the brand, and the animations give it that little extra pop.

The USP should be strong

‌If you want your app to stand out in an app store with millions of other apps, you need to have a USP, also known as a unique selling point. A USP sets your app apart from the rest – something that only your app can do. This can be hard to do, as there are already so many apps that fill niches we didn’t know existed! However, the best way to make a sellable app is to create something that offers value to your users, so think of what your app offers and focus on that.

Find a core feature to focus on

‌As part of your app’s USP, one defining feature should set your app apart from competitors. This core feature will be what your app is known for, so you want to make it a good one! The most successful apps have one thing they can do extremely well, so much so that users will want to download it. Find the feature that your app does better than everything else and make that your main priority.

The app should solve a problem

‌Many apps are not needed these days as they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. However, if your app can solve a real-world problem, you have a much higher chance of success. The most successful apps find a way to provide digital solutions to problems or challenges we face daily. For example, people constantly lose their keys, so the Apple AirTag app pairs with a GPS device that helps you locate what you’ve lost.


It takes a lot of hard work, time, and money to develop an app, and once it’s built, there’s no guarantee of success. However, following this article’s helpful tips will give you a better chance of creating a successful app.

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