5 Tips To Make Use Of Online Diagrams More Effectively

When explaining complex data and information, it’s said that ‘a single diagram is worth ten thousand words.’

A diagram is a great visual medium to communicate information in an easy-to-understand manner. It can be used for anything from school reports, business presentations, to a tool you can use to simplify topics that you teach your kids at home. Further, they can be done via almost any manner, including online.

That said, not all diagrams are created equal. Good diagrams can provide straightforward information while badly-designed ones can only confuse their target audience.

So, how do you create and make use of online diagrams more effectively? Keep on reading to pick up helpful tips.

  1. Go With A Powerful Diagram Maker
  2. Long gone are the days when you need to manually draw diagrams or rely on a text productivity program to create diagrams from scratch. Today, technology has just about any solution to anything and makes it convenient for everyone.

    And for creating diagrams, a diagram maker is a useful tool to try. Diagram maker solutions can allow you to create professional-looking and effective diagrams, charts, or other useful visuals with just a few clicks. Instead of manually creating diagrams, most diagram makers feature thousands of diagram templates, symbols, and shapes to choose from so you can create diagrams in just a few minutes.

    However, not all diagram makers are equal. So, you must choose one that has advanced features to ensure that you maximize and create the best and most effective diagrams possible. Look for providers with a comprehensive set of tools and features that allows you to customize diagram templates and create stunning designs.

    The best diagram maker also uses powerful automation and smarter formatting which builds your diagram for you. You can simply remove or add an element and the best platform realigns and arranges everything for great results every time.

  3. Choose The Right Diagram Type
  4. Different diagrams serve different use cases and purposes. And there are various diagrams out there. When choosing a certain type of diagram or chart, you need to pick one that matches your goal. For instance, you can use visual displays of data using diagrams on your site to make it visitor-friendly.

    The most common types of diagrams include:

    • Flowcharts: Used for mapping out the flow of a process as well as in decision-making;
    • Line Graphs: Shows a pattern or correlation between data;
    • Pie Charts: Help compare parts of a whole;
    • Organizational Charts: Provides a visual hierarchy of structure;
    • Mind Maps: Used for organizing and structuring thoughts and ideas; and
    • Pyramid Charts: Almost similar to the organizational chart, but focuses more on the hierarchy of data.
  5. Have A Theme
  6. No one likes a boring diagram. Adding a pop of color should make your online diagrams attention-grabbing. But other than making your diagrams look appealing, you can also use color to highlight key points in your diagram.

    That said, using too many colors that don’t have a pattern will make your diagram look unprofessional and cluttered. It’s recommended that you choose a color theme and stick to three to four colors to highlight the most important points and preserve the readability of your diagram. Then, you can use grey or black for the rest of the information.

    If you need more, you can use different shades of the same color to indicate relationships among different shapes or sections. Also, make sure to use different colors to provide distinction to different objects. Using the same color for all shapes can make your diagram confusing.

  7. Consider Typography
  8. Most people tend to focus more on the right symbols, shapes, or colors of their diagram and often neglect the typography. This will leave you with an appealing diagram that’s still difficult to understand and read.

    So, make sure to keep typography in mind when creating diagrams online. When choosing the right font, go with sans-serif if you want a more modern and cleaner look, or opt for serif if you want a formal vibe. And although you can use any of these two, it’s best to avoid the artistic or overly complicated fonts.

    Look into using one type of font only. If you want to emphasize information, you can simply use a different font weight or size. Also, make sure to keep enough whitespace between sentences and words to make it more readable and less cluttered.

  9. Watch Out For The Size
  10. Sometimes, a diagram can span multiple pages. And the more complex it is, the harder it is to read and understand, making it less effective.

    In such a situation, you can try reducing the number of shapes or symbols you use. Remove any information that only clutters your diagram to make it more relevant and focused. You can also break complex diagrams into smaller ones that are connected. This helps simplify your diagrams while reducing the overall size.


There’s no doubt that diagrams are a powerful way to convey information. Even the most confusing and complex ideas that are difficult to understand when written as text can be instantly understood with a simple diagram.

That said, make sure to follow the abovementioned tips to create a truly effective and appealing diagram that simplifies information and grabs your readers’ focus.

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