6 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most from WordPress

WordPress has been around for decades, and its enduring hold over the internet is not a fluke. It has something to offer all sorts of users, from people looking to set up personal sites, right up to businesses that want to build a popular online presence.

If you’re thinking of launching a site with WordPress, then you need to know how to harness what it has to offer effectively. The following tips and tricks will let you do just that, while also giving you pointers on pitfalls to avoid.

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Select a Simple Theme

If you’re new to WordPress, then building your site around a simple theme is the perfect way to get started. They are easy to work with, and will make your site look good, without adding too much complexity into the mix, which could derail your efforts to get to grips with what it takes to manage your web presence.

When choosing a theme, make sure it fits in with the industry and brand image that you want to project. If it doesn’t align with either of these elements, then visitors might be confused, even if the rest of the design and content is on-point.

Also, ensure that it’s compatible across all modern browsers and devices, as well as being SEO-friendly (a topic we’ll dive into in more detail later on). You basically want to be able to welcome visitors whether they’re using mobiles, tablets, laptops or PCs, with a theme that can adapt regardless of their preferences.

Finally, look out for any customization options available through plugins or widgets, so that you can fine-tune your site even further without needing coding knowledge.

Install Essential Plugins

Speaking of plugins, they are a great way to get the most from WordPress. They expand its capabilities and give you access to features that just wouldn’t be available otherwise.

For anyone running a business site, some essential plugins include SEO optimization tools, contact forms for customers or clients, social media integration and analytics tracking software. These can all help enhance your website performance in one way or another, so make sure they are installed correctly before launching your site.

Additionally, check that any plugin installation is secure by only downloading them directly from the official WordPress repository rather than third-party sources.

Choose Specialist WordPress Hosting

For commercial sites, specialist WordPress hosting can be particularly beneficial, as it comes with tailored features that are designed to provide optimal performance and security, which are things that all businesses should prioritize.

Look out for specialized caching options, one-click backups, advanced security measures like DDoS protection, and much more. That way your site will be safe from any malicious attacks, as well as shielded from downtime caused by traffic surges as it grows.

Also prioritize easy WordPress hosting solutions, especially if you’re not an expert in web design and development. The simpler the setup process and the more support you’re provided as a user, the less hassle you’ll have when establishing and managing your site going forward.

Optimize Your Database Regularly

Your WordPress website’s database is the engine that runs its operations. If it isn’t running optimally, you could experience slow loading times and other performance issues.

To make sure your website is performing at its best, regularly optimize your database by deleting old post revisions or transients that may be clogging up the system. Then use analytics tools to check that performance is improved post-intervention.

It’s also a good idea to back up your data before any changes are made in case something goes wrong. This way you have an easy way to restore it if needed.

Secure Your Website with an SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate is crucial for any business website. It ensures that all data sent and received from your site is encrypted, so it can’t be intercepted by malicious third parties or hackers.

It also provides a level of trust to customers and potential clients, as they know their data will remain secure when interacting with your website.

Installing an SSL certificate isn’t difficult either, as most hosting providers offer one at no additional cost, so keep this in mind when choosing a platform.

Leverage Internal Linking for SEO Benefits

Internal linking is a great way to direct visitors around your website and help them find the information they need. It can also benefit your business by improving search engine optimization (SEO), as long as it’s used correctly.

Try creating links between pages which are related, such as blog posts or product categories, so that when users click one link, they will be directed down an appropriate path related to their interests.

This not only improves user experience, but ensures you’re gaining maximum SEO benefits from every page.

Final Thoughts

This is really only the beginning of what it takes to master WordPress, but if you’ve got a handle on the basics, then the rest will follow with time and experience.

And, if you are stuck at any point of WordPress customization, you can always choose professional WordPress development services and get a website in the shortest amount of time.

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