Improve your Business with These 4 Softwares

As a business owner, you are always looking to bring improvements to your company! From increasing your profit margin to boosting efficiency, the software on the market today are designed to help businesses reach their goals.

However, the trouble is that there are so many different tools to choose from today. It can be a bit overwhelming.

There is no need to worry, though, as we are going to take you through four software solutions that can bring great improvements to your business in different ways. So, let’s take a look.

Employee Engagement Software

There is only one place to begin, and this is with employee engagement software. It does not matter what industry you work in, employee engagement solutions can help you to drive greater success.

Employee engagement software is designed to boost employee job satisfaction and help you to keep your most talented workers at your business.

You will be able to solicit and track feedback, as well as promote positive activity and recognize employee achievements.

Give your employees a voice and make them feel valued

Employee engagement software will give your employees a voice. Most platforms give you the ability to offer support, provide feedback, conduct surveys, and coach new hires while they develop.

Not only does this make your employees feel heard, but they feel valued as well, especially when their suggestions or feedback are used and implemented by management.

Make the onboarding process smoother

You can also improve your onboarding process with the right software. After all, being the “new person” can be a challenge at any business. Not only do you have a lot of things to learn, but you have the extra pressure of acclimating to your team.

If a new employee is asked for their feedback, it can mean a lot to them. They can feel reassured that they are part of the team.

Give your employees recognition for their performance

Also, if you look at the main reasons why people end up leaving their jobs, it can be because of poor relationships at work and a lack of recognition for job performance.

Through employee engagement tools, employees can find more ways to connect with the rest of the team and their leader, as well as getting the recognition and feedback they need. This will enable workers to see how their individual role fits into the wider goals of the business.

Infographic creators

Next, we would recommend using software for creating infographics. You only need to look at the statistics regarding infographics, this alone should be enough to convince you that you should have a tool that enables you to create them with ease.

For example, did you know that posts that incorporate images receive 650 percent more engagement when compared with text-only posts? Or, that infographics can boost your website traffic by 12 percent?

There are a lot of reasons why infographics have proven to be incredibly beneficial. Firstly, the human brain finds it a lot easier to process visuals better than text.

Infographics are highly shareable across different platforms

Infographics are also shareable, which makes them great for use across social media and other platforms. You can also easily publish an infographic on your website or blog using an embed code. This code enables an automatic link from the original website to yours. Infographics have a much better chance of going viral when compared to text.

If you have a difficult concept or you want to present facts and figures in an attractive manner, an infographic provides you with an excellent way of doing this.

Take your SEO efforts to new heights

An aesthetically pleasing and well-designed infographic can help to boost your SEO processes. Infographics drive people to your website because they are easy to “click” on and “share.” Also, infographics can help with the “Page Rank” algorithm on Google, which is critical for SEO.

Capture attention within limited space

Infographics are also more attention-drawing. After all, we have increasingly shorter attention spans today. People have a tendency to scan material, rather than actually reading the text properly. This makes infographics more suitable.

You can also increase promotion while decreasing space. A price is worth a thousand words! By using infographics, you can reduce the space that is required while boosting the effect considerably. It is a win-win.

Corporate Travel Software

Another solution that you should consider is corporate travel software. A company travel agency like Travelperk can help you to manage all of your travel arrangements in one place, which is more important now than ever when you consider that business is increasingly conducted on a global basis and we have a changing travel landscape to contend with due to the pandemic.

Recover VAT with ease

There are a lot of different features and benefits associated with the travel management software on the market today. This includes VAT recovery, which can save your business money by saving your travellers and finance team time.

The tools available today will collect VAT-compliant invoices for all of your bookings, ensuring you are in the best place to reclaim VAT at the end of the year.

Manage your travel expenses more effectively

You will also find it a lot easier to manage all of your expenses relating to travel. You don’t have to worry about manually inputting figures into a spreadsheet anymore. Instead, you can track all expenses and keep the knowledge in one organized, centralized place.

Choose the most eco-friendly route for your journey

Travel management software also makes it a lot easier to find the routes that are the most suitable for you. Businesses today have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint whenever possible. With travel management software, you can find the most eco-friendly routes so that your business always travels green whenever possible.

Travel safely and stay up-to-date with relevant health information

This is more important than it ever has been. The pandemic has had a massive impact on travel. Some countries are currently no-fly zones, whereas others have opened their borders with strict conditions.

Because of this, it is important to stay up-to-date with all of the latest information. The best corporate travel software will give you notifications on travel risks and health crises relating to the locations you or your team are visiting.

Track all of your corporate travel efforts

Aside from the benefits and features mentioned above, you will be easily able to keep tabs on who is going where, how much is being spent by each department, and where savings can be made on corporate travel.

Corporate Giving Software

Last but not least, we have corporate giving software. This is a digital tool that enables you to achieve improved corporate giving results.

Corporate giving software enables companies to streamline their CSR initiatives and administration, as well as reporting on CSR successes, and operationally aligning your CSR program opportunities with employees.

The best corporate giving software can help you with all of your efforts, including purpose challenges, donations, fundraising, field volunteering, and online volunteering.

Corporate giving is beneficial in many different ways. Of course, the main benefit is that you are going to be able to help individuals and causes that need it the most.

Brand your business successfully and attract the best employees

This is also a great way of branding your business effectively. In one survey, it was revealed that 73 percent of all adults would not apply to work for a business unless the company’s valued aligned with their own personal values.

In addition to this, 53 percent of employees have stated that it is vital for them to have a job whereby they can make an impact. So, with corporate giving software on your side, you will be able to build your brand, and attract and retain the very best talent.

Create a brand that you can trust

Customers today want a brand that they can relate to and trust. In one study, it was revealed that 60 percent of purchasing decisions are based on the image of the business, as compared to 40 percent being based on the product itself.

Furthermore, 42 percent of business opinion or image comes from the CSR initiatives.

When you take this into account, it is not difficult to see why your corporate giving efforts are so important when creating a brand that can be trusted.

Boost employee retention and company culture

Employee and corporate giving programs can also help you to engage workers, retain employees, and build a more positive workplace environment.

Purpose-driven employees display five times higher levels of wellbeing, as well as four times higher levels of engagement in the work environment.

Final words on choosing the best software for your business

So there you have it: four of the best tools to help improve your business and take it to the next level. From employee engagement software to infographic creators, the tools that we have mentioned above can help you to bring great improvements to your company.

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