5 Brilliant Content Promotion Hacks That Will Rocket Your Traffic

5 Brilliant Content Promotion Hacks That Will Rocket Your Traffic

I didn’t get it how Matthew Woodward, Neil Patel and Brian Dean can get millions of people to visit their websites on monthly basis.

I just couldn’t wrap my mind around that.

Then I started testing different content promotion platforms, gaining follower base and traffic started flowing.

Now, I know how they do it and what it takes to rocket your blog’s traffic.


On blog.Linkody we have tested every imaginable content promotion platform and I am here to tell you – most of them s*ck.

Nevertheless, here are the ones that work:

1. Quora

I remember the first time I heard about Quora and the “power” of this platform from big-time SEOs.

I dropped what I was doing and started sharing my articles. A few weeks later I checked data on Google Analytics just to realize that Quora brought 0 people to the Linkody page.


Because I was spamming, not delivering value to the community and what’s more important I had no followers.

Now, more than 1 year later – I had several of my answers on Quora diggest and boy, it helps. The traffic to your site truly rockets when it goes “viral” on Quora.

So how can you write an answer that gets 10k views?

Don’t be like everyone else!

That’s all.

Whatever someone else is saying go the other way. And be fun!

Here’s what I mean:

Question -†What are your favorite sites for building backlinks?

Answer -†


I write two kinds of answers – long-form educational content that’s as long as a†blog post and the kind of answers that you can see above.

How do you think which brings more views and traffic to the site?

Exactly -†short, fun and interesting.

I guess that’s Quora’s recipe to rocket blog’s traffic.

2. Growth Hackers

If you are reading this article the chances are you are a marketer trying to get traffic to your site.

If so, Growth Hackers is the site where you can find people much like me and you, to read your blog.

Note:†if you are about to share your first article – it will go through thorough review process – at least 2-3 days. Afterward, sharing posts will be a breeze.

Once you have something share-worthy that Growth Hackers community would love to see, add it to the website and ask your marketer buddies for upvotes. That will give you a better chances†to get your article on GHer’s newsletter and once that happens..

You guessed it – blog’s traffic will rocket.

So, here are a few tips:

  • Follow other experts,
  • Ask questions and write in-depth answers,
  • Share great articles,
  • And follow other experts (it’s important).

With a decent community that follows every step you take and likes articles you share. You will have a massive amount of traffic flowing to your page each time you share a post.

Growth Hackers

Excited?†Well, you should be.

3. StumbleUpon

I love good ol’ Stumble!

It’s incredibly hard to get followers but once you do – they are yours for life.

On the upside, it’s super easy to share the content and if you have a community of marketers that are always ready to drop an upvote on whatever you share. That’s how content goes viral on StumbleUpon.

The best part is – we got this traffic within in three days.

The best part is – we got this traffic within in three days.

And you can do it as well!

It took me a bit more than a month:

  • I followed 235 sites,
  • liked 445 different pages,
  • and got 44 followers.

I think that’s a low price to pay for more than 2 000 people to visit your page.

Moreover, that was not a “junk” traffic with high bounce rate. Stumblers of average spent more than 3 minutes on our site.

4. Reddit

This one is a tough cooky to crack.

I have been banned from some†sub-reddits for sharing an article while on others people loved it.

Go figure..


But after several months of trial and error this is what I know:

  • Start by commenting and helping people.
  • Help others and share your best advice.
  • As a rule of thumb for every 10 comments you write, share one article.

What’s great – after analyzing the data, of average each answer I write brings 5 people to Linkody’s site.

So with 3% conversion rate, I would have to write 20 comments about SEO, link building and backlink monitoring to get 3 clients.

If you are bootstrapping and you have more time than money – this is the†platform to test your product, get feedback and improve your service.

You don’t need to follow people on Reddit to grow your community – on one day your comments and articles can change someone’s life on the other nobody knows about you.

But that’s also the beauty of Reddit – anyone can make it big on this platform.

5. Inbound


They find and deliver the best marketing articles to you.

Cool, huh?

If with other platforms I had to bust my pants to get traffic to Linkody then Inbound has been generous with traffic from the start.

All you have to do is write good content. When I say good, I don’t mean the best on the topic, 40-page article on how to share pictures on Instagram.

When I say good, I don’t mean the best on the topic, 40-page article on how to share pictures on Instagram.

Good is good enough.

So how Inbound works?

Already from the get-go you can share your blog’s content and expect some traffic to your website.

Moreover, following people is really easy and you can follow 150 marketers per day.

People are not very keen on following you back but they start to snowball quite fast.

So, share articles, follow influencers and traffic will rocket – as simple as that.

Now it’s your turn!

Starting is hard!

I get it. There is only one Neil Patel and only he has several thousand people on his email list.

So how do you start when you have nothing?†

You start by sharing your content on these content platforms, following others, building community. Within time you will have several hundreds of people following you and that’s a lot of traffic coming to your blog each time you share an article.

Once you get them on your blog it’s up to you how you make them to come back – grow you email list, collect web push notification subscribers or make them to follow you on social media.

Go, try these websites and I am sure you will rocket your blog’s traffic.

Happy content promotion!

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Helvijs Smoteks is an SEO-mastering, content-smithing marketer who spends his days at Linkody helping SEOs monitor their backlink data.

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