How Crucial is Artificial Intelligence for a Growing Business?

Artificial intelligence has come to stay, and it is making tremendous impacts in the world today. The business world is also not left out of the reach of AI technology. Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the ability of machines to understand the world around them and learn or make decisions in a way digital to the human brain.

It is the ability of a computer or a computer-controlled robot to execute tasks that humans would have otherwise done. A growing business needs the right tools and strategies to achieve goals and survive business challenges.

One of such tools is Artificial Intelligence. But just how crucial is Artificial Intelligence for a growing business? This article will answer this question.

Artificial Intelligence versus Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two trendy terms that individuals use interchangeably. However, certain aspects differentiate these two phenomena. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows a machine to simulate human behaviors.

It is the ability of a computer to perform human-like tasks that require human intelligence, such as thinking, reasoning, making its own decisions, etc. On the other hand, Machine learning (ML) is a subset or branch of AI that allows a machine to learn from past data without needing programming explicitly automatically.

While AI solves tasks requiring human intelligence, ML solves specific tasks by learning from data and making predictions. For instance, machine learning for business helps organizations effectively gain insight from raw data. Machine learning becomes more accurate as more data is gathered and analyzed.

How crucial is Artificial Intelligence for a growing business? 

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The answer to this question is: Very crucial. Artificial intelligence is vital to any business because it benefits the organization. For example when you start a business the first thing that comes to your mind is a website for that business. In this case, you can make a well-designed website by using an AI website builder that saves you time and effort and has many benefits.

Below are the most prominent advantages of using AI technology and machine learning for your business.

Real-time analytics

Organizations are known to collect data for various purposes. One of the best advantages of AI for business is that it helps process and interpret vast amounts of data. Real-time analytics refers to the preparation and measuring of data as soon as it enters the database.

Getting real-time data analysis helps businesses make crucial decisions faster to boost the organization’s growth. Artificial Intelligence apps enable enterprises to quickly discover essential and relevant data during data analysis. This will ensure the company remains a strong competitor in the market.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation or BPA uses technology to carry out recurring or repetitive tasks or processes in a business. For example, business process automation includes vendor management, employee onboarding, performance management, purchase order requests, etc.

Using AI to automate manual tasks makes the business operations flow smoother and faster. This increases the quality of services that such an organization will produce. For a growing business, it is essential to deliver goods and services with superior quality as this will boost your sales and customer base.

Improved productivity 

When artificial intelligence becomes a part of a business’s operations, such a company will notice a considerable increase in its productivity levels. This is because AI technology cuts down on the pile of work your workers have to carry out.

For instance, automation allows employees to devote more time to other crucial duties if a business eliminates manual tasks. This then adds value to the company and will enable employees to make better use of their skills.

Also, artificial intelligence improves employee satisfaction. When your staff members are satisfied, it increases their engagement, improving your efficiency.

Personalized customer experience

Customers are a crucial part of your business. Therefore, it is essential to give your customers the best experience. Artificial intelligence helps organizations gather valuable data in providing personalized experiences to all their customers. For instance, sending personalized emails and messages to your customers boosts your marketing strategy.

Also, providing your customers with personalized marketing increases consumer engagement, improves sales, and increases customer loyalty. Furthermore, AI helps companies identify patterns in their customers’ purchasing behavior, browsing habits, etc. This will enable you to provide accurate offers to individual customers and enhance their overall experience.

Improved customer support 

Customer support is a business’s provision of assistance to customers to assist them in making cost-effective and correct use of a product or service to get the most out of it. It is also a team of people dedicated to providing help to customers who might have trouble with the company’s products or services.

Customer support includes assisting with installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, etc. Knowing how difficult it might be to attend to customers 24/7, artificial intelligence provides services such as chatbots for websites or applications.

These chatbots answer any queries that your users might have, and they are available all day, every day. With the help of AI, your customer support and service will be top-notch, which will lead to great reviews, more customers, and increased revenue.

Reduction of human errors

Although AI technology is not entirely free from mistakes, these errors are not as severe as those made by human beings, and it is far more accurate. However, there are errors that your employees could make that could result in terrible losses for your business.

For instance, errors relating to your finances or customer management will not look good for your company. It could lead to financial losses, loss of reputation, and loss of your customers. This is the last thing you will want as a growing business.

But with Artificial Intelligence, you can be sure to cut down on these human errors, save your business from unnecessary losses, and increase your chance of success. Also, you should know that when your employees are overworked or stressed, it increases the possibility of them making errors. So using AI to reduce your workers’ workload keeps them in top shape to perform their duties and reduce mistakes.

Application of artificial intelligence in business

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After reading about how crucial artificial intelligence is for a business, now you will learn about the various ways you can apply AI technology in your company. Below are the most common applications of artificial intelligence in business.

Hiring and recruitment 

As a growing business, hiring and recruitment of employees are crucial processes. The successful recruitment and hiring of staff members play significant roles in determining your organization’s growth (or otherwise). The stages involved in finding, hiring, recruiting, and onboarding candidates for job openings can be long and complicated.

But with Artificial Intelligence, businesses find it so much easier to employ the best candidates suited for the job. An example of Artificial Intelligence in hiring and recruitment is Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

An Applicant Tracking System is software that provides recruiting and hiring tools for companies. These systems collect and sort through thousands of resumes for HR personnel. Also, these systems help recruiters by highlighting the candidates that meet the job requirements perfectly.


With the advancement of technology, storing and managing data has become easier. But unfortunately, cybercriminals and crimes have also increased drastically. Therefore, cybersecurity has become a necessity for any business.

Cybersecurity involves protecting computer systems and networks from the information or data theft and malicious attacks. It is also the prevention of damage to hardware, software, and electronic data.

Due to the help of artificial intelligence, businesses can become aware of abnormal activities or malware and prepare for any possible cyberattack. AI uses sophisticated algorithms to detect even the minutest malware and ransomware attacks.

Targeted marketing 

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Targeted marketing is a marketing strategy that involves businesses tailoring or personalizing their advertisements according to data gathered on the target audience. Also, it is approach organizations use to raise awareness for their products or services among a specific group of people.

So instead of sending ads to a massive audience, a subset of people is selected based on demographic, geographic, and psychographic segmentation. Before target marketing begins, you need to define “who” the product or service is specifically for, that is, the target market. The target market can be divided according to age, gender, race, country, state, social class, values, etc.

Artificial Intelligence technology helps businesses segment their customers to succeed in their targeting marketing strategy. For example, AI helps companies observe their audience’s online activities to see if they have recently searched for any similar product/service. Any customer that has searched for such products starts seeing your business’s target advertisements.

Social media insights

Social media is a great tool that businesses use in their marketing strategies. This is because social media platforms are efficient in helping establishments accomplish their marketing goals. In addition, these social media channels allow businesses to reach their target audience no matter where they may be in the world.

Also, social networks aid with brand exposure and awareness. Combining artificial intelligence with social media brings about results that will satisfy any business owner—a great way to use AI in social media is social media insights. With the help of AI, brands can determine their position in the market and get insights into their customer base.

Getting these insights and analyzing them will help your business plan and improve your social media strategy. For instance, you will be able to determine which content works for your business and which doesn’t.


In conclusion, you can discover just how crucial artificial intelligence is to any growing business from this article. Furthermore, AI technology attracts a lot of advantages/benefits to an enterprise, which have been addressed in this article. Also, this article provided areas in your business in which you can incorporate Artificial Intelligence technology for a more effective operation.

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