How using a multipurpose freelancing platform like Indy can save you time and money

So, you’ve decided to run your own business and become a freelancer – congratulations. The first step is always the hardest, not to mention the tools you need to get business flowing. The day-to-day office tasks of creating invoices, tracking payments that are due/past due, billing clients, searching for more clients, managing meetings, and Zoom conferences can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is find a platform filled with tools that can help even the most experienced freelancer make daily tasks simple and fast all in one place.

When looking for a freelancing platform, make sure the one you choose is geared towards making life easy and tracking important dates, meetings, and client lunches all in one place. Indy has an excellent feature that not only tracks, but it also allows you to merge a Google Calendar to the platform calendar tool. Stay up to date with work appointments and the kid’s teacher conferences at the same time. Keep work and real life in balance with everything all in one place.

One of the best features Indy has to offer are for the clients. A great aspect to look for when checking out different freelancing tools is the ease it has on your customers. The Indy freelancing platform even lets your clients review and approve work files and assignments, leaving a clear paper trail so everyone is on the same page. What is better is clients aren’t required to sign up to participate – lessening potential headaches and making things as easy as possible for them. A seamless process like this is likely to attract returning customers, earning you more money in the long run.

Organize like the CEO you are without worrying about it. With the organizational elements of the task tool, entrepreneurs can easily add things that need to be done, create events, and even monitor paid and due invoices. The client profiles add more efficiency by including contact information, projects, proposals being reviewed and much more. Think of the platform like a personal assistant that takes care of the office paperwork for you. The CRM capabilities of a client’s contact page will automatically organize existing and upcoming invoices that have been shared with them-another fantastic way to keep track of payment.

The Time Tracker is another excellent tool that will record exactly how much time you worked, so you can get paid for it. Stay focused on contemplating tasks, not on the clock. Click the pause button to take a break and easily resume when you are ready – all with a simple click. The user is able to filter multiple timesheets from different clients, and hours can easily be linked to an invoice, add an hourly rate, and sent to a client or customer in no time. This can increase productivity while saving time.

Running the tools that keep your business afloat can be costly, which can leave a dent in a small company budget. Freelancers and small businesses alike should always consider the total monthly costs of the required tools to run successfully. The best choice would be to get business tools from one source. By shopping around for the best freelance platform for your business, consider not only low prices, but also reviews. Do the research and see what other business owners in the same industry think about the tools before committing.

Whichever entrepreneur tools are best for you, be sure to check sources. See how long they have been around for example. It’s a clever idea to also find out what fellow peers have said about it. A winning freelancing platform should include the following:

  1. An invoicing tool– Although it is a simple form, invoices are the bridge between completing the project and being compensated for the work done. An excellent tool can help you excel to the next level by allowing you to design and customize billing documents. The invoice tool that Indy offers its customers lets you personalize your invoices by changing colours to match your brand visualization or by adding logotype.
  2. An interactive calendar- It can get confusing trying to juggle appointments in one place, only to have work due dates in another. Merge the two worlds together by integrating any Google calendar to the Indy work calendar. Save any important days, events, or meetings all in one place. It’s an excellent way to save time while keeping a nice balance of the two.
  3. Organization- It seems elementary, but organizational features like adding tasks for the day, project monitoring, and even direct message tools can be extremely helpful when you need them. The funny thing is not all freelancing platforms offer elements like this. To avoid any future disappointments, make sure these simple but important tools are included in the deal.
  4. A tracker to keep time– It is easy to lose track of the tasks you are doing just by paying attention to the clock. Monitoring the minutes and hours it takes you to complete a job with ease is now easier than ever with time tracking tools. Trackers that keep time are another essential thing that can save the day. With Indy’s Time Tracker, a freelancing writer for example can swiftly create an impressive blog or news article and never worry about the time passing them by. You just may gain time; even when you hit pause for a break.
  5. One low price- You don’t need anyone to tell you when it comes to pricing, the more inexpensive the product, the better. Save time and money with freelancing tools that are worth it to you and the company you run. Indy offers small businesses and freelance professionals alike free tools to enjoy. If you would like to unlock even more amazing features like unlimited invoices, the $5.99 per month fee is well worth it.

There is more than one platform to choose from, but they are not all created equal. The important thing to remember is to do some homework and search each platform separately. Take a look at each one’s incentives to make the best choice for you. When all else fails, pick the best freelancing platform on the market.

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