14 Best Video Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2021

So you’ve worked out that video marketing is the key to push your business on to the next level whilst staying in line with changing demands of the digital user, but where on earth do you start?

It’s useful to identify the types of videos you want to create, even how and where you’ll market them, but you then still need to actually design, develop and edit them to ensure they are at a high enough standard to impress your target audience.

Additionally, how can you assess how well these videos are performing?

With all of this in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of video marketing tools and software out there that can help you along the way. These tools enable you to create professional videos for your business even if you don’t have any experience in video animation or editing software.

In this article, we will outline why video marketing is important and its benefits, as well as highlighting some of the best video marketing tools to help you on your way.

What Is Video Marketing?

Hubspot defines video marketing as, “using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.”

Let’s take a closer look at what video marketing means in practice.

Businesses create video content with the aim of promoting their products or services, driving sales and creating brand awareness.

Video marketing has become particularly popular because many consumers prefer to receive information from brands in easily digestible formats.

Marketers agree that in a world where they have to compete to capture customers’ attention, videos can be more powerful than written digital content.

The numbers speak for themselves. Research shows that around 4 billion people watch YouTube and Facebook videos on a daily basis.

Therefore, when created and shared effectively, video can be one of the most effective marketing tools to reach a large audience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Video in Marketing Campaigns?

Now we have established what video marketing is and why it has become so popular, we can take a closer look at some of the benefits of videos within a marketing strategy.

Video marketing helps you engage with your target audience

Many marketers understand that establishing trust with their customers can be one of the most challenging aspects of any marketing strategy.

Videos are useful because they are often a visual representation of what your company embodies or the products and services you offer.

Video marketing is a great way for customers to get to know your brand and get a “behind the scenes” look into your business.

Improve your ranking on search engines

In addition to building trust with your audience, videos can also help your website rank higher on search engines.

If your video is engaging, it’s more likely that users will share your content.

This will help generate backlinks that will help drive traffic to your website and improve your ranking on search engines.

This is because adding a video to your website increases the number of linking domains.

Bearing this in mind, it’s a good idea to start creating videos to accompany blog posts on your website to improve your search engine ranking.

Videos can influence buying decisions

Before making buying decisions, many consumers watch reviews and seek expert opinions on YouTube.

Compared to advertising, video reviews give buyers an insight into the product and allow them to better understand what is on offer.

Adding a video onto your product pages has the ability to establish credibility with potential customers, and in turn, make them more likely to buy.

Boost your customer’s information retention

As mentioned earlier in this article, videos have the ability to grab and retain customer’s attention better than written mediums.

This is especially true for educational videos with engaging graphics and content, which makes them perfect for product demonstrations.

Video content about your business or products is more likely to be retained, which can improve brand awareness and conversion rates.

Different Types of Video Marketing 

Before you can begin video creation or looking for different editing tools, you need to understand the different types of marketing videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are typically used to teach your audience something new about your business or the products you offer.

For example, let’s say you are a tech company and have recently released a new fitness watch.

Your explainer video could focus on the new features of the fitness watch and explain why your customers need to integrate it into their fitness routines.

Customer Testimonial Videos 

These videos can be particularly powerful in your marketing campaigns because they give you the opportunity to showcase how you have solved some of your client’s problems.

Customer testimonial videos can include short interviews with satisfied customers who detail what their challenges were and how your product or service helped solve them.

This type of video marketing campaign could be shared to your social media channels and attract customers with similar pain points.

Event Videos

If your company specialises in hosting events or conferences, there’s no better way to advertise it than through a series of high-quality videos.

You could create professional videos that highlight interesting presentations or topics and include interviews from attendees that enjoyed the event.

With the right video editing, you can make these videos engaging and attract customers who are looking for an event provider that’s fun and efficient.

Expert Interviews

To build authority with your audience, create videos of interviews with experts or industry thought leaders.

People that find videos insightful or educational are more likely to share it with their network on social media channels.

This can increase the amount of traffic to your website and have customers looking out for your next video.

Video Sales Letters

Platforms like Hyperise, enable you to create personalised videos at scale, this means you can create one video template which will personalise to each recipient.


Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Best Video Marketing Tools

Now that you have a better understanding of what video marketing is, what the benefits are and the different types of videos you can make, we can look at some of the best video marketing tools on the market.


Biteable is a video editing platform that allows users to either create their own unique video or edit an existing template.

With thousands of built-in templates and animations, Biteable makes it easy for users to create professional videos in no time at all.

This video marketing tool has free features, as well as paid plans that start from as little as $19 per month.


If you want to create high-quality promotional videos for your marketing campaigns, such as animated videos, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube videos, Renderforest is the right solution for you.

It is the easiest way to get broadcast-quality videos with minimal effort.

Renderforest features more than 400 animated video templates across different styles and categories. Just choose your perfect template, customize it and get your professional video within 4 to 5 minutes.


Animoto is one of the best video marketing tools for creating professional-looking videos and slideshows.

With Animoto, you can import your own photos or videos and use the drag and drop feature to place them in your project.

This online video editing tool also has over 40 professional fonts and its cloud-based video editor means you can create your marketing videos from anywhere.

Although users can create unlimited videos for free with Animoto, all videos will contain the video editing tool’s branding.

However, from $15 per month users can create unlimited videos without Animoto’s branding and have access to premium features.


If you want to develop or create animated videos, Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) offers loads of great features and is fairly straightforward to get your head around.

There’s a large library of scenes that you can use and edit to suit the aims you identify for your video marketing campaigns from the outset, with a great choice to suit a wide range of industries.

You can even create your own character, making it look just like you if you wanted, with different hairstyles, skin tones and clothing for you to choose from. Then add your voice by directly recording it or uploading a file and the character you’ve built will start lip-syncing!

Vyond’s pricing plans start at $49 per month.


Powtoon is an easy and intuitive platform to create engaging marketing videos and presentations.

This video editing tool is perfect for any industry because it has a wide variety of templates for you to choose from.

With Powtoon you can create explainer videos, infographics, corporate videos and content for social media.

The free version of Powtoon is recommended for personal use, but users will have limited storage and recordings and will have branding on their videos.

From $89 per month for Powtoon’s paid plans, users have access to a range of premium features.


WeVideo is one of the best video maker tools to create compelling video content for businesses and marketing purposes.

The tool will take just a few minutes for you to get the hang of, with their Storyboard editing mode being the most suitable for first-time users.

Once you’ve played around a little, you can then choose from their extensive library of audio, images, graphics and more to create an end result that will blow your customers and clients away.

WeVideo is free but users have limited publishing times, video resolution and cloud storage. The paid plans start at $4.99 per month.


For quick-fire videos that are great for social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Viewbix is the video marketing tool for you.

In just five minutes and three steps, you can have an interactive video that portrays your message, is linked to your website, showcases your logo and branding as well as featuring a call to action throughout.

With Viewbix, users also have access to actionable analytics to see how, when and where viewers engage with their video content.

There is a free option, which is great if you’re creating videos just for your business, and you can keep on track with how well your video is performing through its analytics package.


If you are looking to create whiteboard-style animated videos, VideoScribe is a great option.

Not only do you have instant access to a library of customisable images and music, but there is also support available from a professional team.

All you need to do is select your images, type your text and select your music and VideoScribe will take care of the rest.

After a 7-day free trial, users can upgrade to a premium plan from $17.50 per month.


Have a great catalogue of existing photos and video clips that you want to develop into a slideshow-style video?

Slidely enables you to use your library of media and create a video slideshow to share with your clients.

This is a fantastic way to highlight projects you’ve worked on.

For instance, showcasing the work you have done from start to completion of the journey of your business from inception to the present day, you can then upload the final video to your social media platforms as well as adding to your website and blog.

Your video is also added to the Slidely network, which is like a social media presence in its own right, so as well as promoting your business there, you can also get some great ideas for other videos from what fellow users have created before.

Available completely free on desktop, there is also an app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android users so you can take photos, videos and music directly from your phone to create slideshow videos too.


VidYard is a video hosting platform that allows you to create powerful sales videos for your customers and prospects.

This video editing software also lets you add a video to email campaigns and roll out a hosting solution with video marketing tools.

With VidYard, you also have access to video analytics that allow you to track video engagement and learn more about your audience.

VidYard’s free features allow users to accomplish a lot, but from $15 per month premium users have access to a range of custom video solutions.


Available for Windows and Apple desktop users, along with iOS and Android as the FilmoraGo app, this video editing tool can help you create powerful marketing videos that look professional yet have been created with ease.

Filmora lets you drag and drop motion graphics into your video as well as choose from a great choice of overlays and filters to add style to the end result.

This video marketing tool also includes audio editing, colour effects and filters to make your video content stand out.

Much of their library is royalty-free and the platform also supports GIF files and 4k editing.


This video marketing tool is designed specifically for use by businesses as it hosts your videos and guarantees they will work on any device.

With built-in SEO, Wistia does much of the work for you when it comes to making sure your fantastic videos are found in the Google search.

You can then assess how well your videos are performing thanks to Wistia in-depth analytics functionality.

You then also have the option to generate leads for your business via your videos by asking for the viewer’s email address as they watch!

If you are a B2B marketer, this video marketing tool is the ideal solution for your video hosting needs.


Magisto for Business is designed specifically to help you and your business create stunning videos easily.

Whether you’re looking to create brand based videos to boost awareness, promotional videos to highlight your products and services or marketing based videos to generate those all-important leads and sales, Magisto lets you do it all.

Even if you have no video creation experience whatsoever, the editor is easy to use and get to grips with, enabling you to add your own logo, branding, captions, music and style to your work.

If you’re creating videos specifically for use on Facebook and Youtube, there are editing styles options designed to work perfectly and get the best results on these particular platforms.


Making great videos is time-consuming, there’s no denying that. So what if there was a great online video maker that did the heavy lifting for you? That’s what Lumen5 promises with its unique set of features that help you ‘work smarter, not harder’.

Lumen5 allows you to repurpose your old video content and create videos that will improve your organic reach and engagement on social media.

You can either drop a link to your article in there or paste a block of text. It will automatically populate your storyboard.

Using A.I. your workflow is automated, with the tool taking care of things like scene length, text positioning and keyword highlighting.

There’s also an extensive library of media to use when creating your videos, to ensure they have a professional look and feel.

Now It’s Time to Implement Your Video Marketing Strategy

With internet video traffic set to account for an incredible 80% of all traffic by 2019, now is certainly the time to start experimenting with video marketing for your business.

You by no means need to be a video master to create something interesting, exciting and professional as, with the help of these platforms, for little or no investment and a desire to learn, you’ll be on the right track when it comes to video marketing your business.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer an alternative to the DIY route of animated video marketing, it’s well worth hiring a freelance animator through a platform such as Twine’

To see what to include in your video marketing campaign, check out ‘6 Features of a Great Video Marketing Campaign‘.

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